Wings Of Desire

At first it is not possible to describe anything beyond a wish and desire.
That is how it begins, making a film, writing a book, paining a picture, generally creating something.

You have wish.

You wish that something might exist, and then you work on it until it does. You want go give something to the world, something truer, more beautiful, more painstaking, more serviceable, or simply something other than what already exists. At right at the start, simultaneous with the wish, you imagine what that “something other” might be like, or at least you see something flash by. And than you set off in the direction of the flash, and you home you do not lose your orientation, or forget or betray the wish you had in the beginning.

And in the end you have a picture or pictures of something, you have music or something that operates in some new way, or a story, or this quite extraordinary combination of all these things: a film.

The thing I saw flashing was a film in and about Berlin.
Of course I did not want just to make a film about the place Berlin. What I wanted to make was a film about people – people here in Berlin – that considered the one perennial question: how to live?
And so I have “Berlin” representing the “World”

From “Attempted Description of an Indescribable Film” by Wim Wenders about his film “Wings of Desire”, 1978

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